Brothers Of The Trees

8, rue Notre Dame 31540 Saint Julia
Le mardi 28 février 2023 de 20:00 à 23:00 - Prix : 15€
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And Also The Trees presents:


28 February
Unique show
Doors open 20H
Concert 21H

Chateau H
8, rue Notre Dame
31540 Saint Julia

BROTHERS OF THE TREES is a project with brothers Justin (guitarist) and Simon Jones (vocalist) of 'And also the trees' at its core. They play a semi improvised set using sometimes heavily effected guitar loops, drones and feedback , and passages of spoken word which often flow into melodic or even freeform versions of 'AATT' songs.

Their most recent shows in Leipzig's Schauspielhaus theatre, Cafe de la Danse in Paris, the famous 'Prinzenbar' in Hamburg and in Dijon at Hôtel de Grandmont - Salle des Actes were exceptionally well received. Each show is unique and the intention is to be free to play with or without other musicians, guided by the differing circumstances, conditions and locations. It is 'The trees' how you have never seen them before and probably how you will never see them again.

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